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Evox is an initiative founded by entrepreneurs Barış Büyüktaş and Ali İlhan in 2017, operating in the cryptocurrency sector. Evox aims to bring forth a new vision in the world of cryptocurrencies. The company offers consultancy services to corporate firms, guiding them in tokenization and advancements in the web3 space.

Evox Capital

The core objective of Evox Capital is to support new entrepreneurs and connect investors with promising projects. As the cryptocurrency sector rapidly grows and evolves, having the right knowledge and strategy has become crucial. At this point, Evox Capital provides solutions to corporate firms, offers guidance, and supports them in making the right moves.

A Collective Earnings-Oriented New Vision

The aim is to connect people with the various opportunities the cryptocurrency world offers through community engagement. Educating and contributing to the knowledge of individuals on topics such as Airdrop, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, DeFi, Stake, Swap, AlgoTrade, and NFT are fundamental pillars of Evox Capital's mission. Evox Capital seeks to explain the complexities of the cryptocurrency world in an understandable way and guide those who want to gain knowledge in this field. Aspiring to be the Gateway of the Turkish Community to the World Evox Capital aims to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency sector, reaching entrepreneurs and investors in different geographical regions and acting as the gateway of the Turkish community to the world. With a focus on this growth vision, Evox Capital will continuously expand its knowledge base, surpass the boundaries of the cryptocurrency world, and reach a broader community. Evox Capital acts with the vision of being a pioneer of a new era in the cryptocurrency world. By offering consultancy services to corporate firms, it supports them in tokenization and web3 initiatives. Additionally, it places great importance on sharing knowledge and providing education in the cryptocurrency sector, empowering people in different areas of the crypto world. Evox Capital aims to reach not only the Turkish community but also crypto entrepreneurs and investors globally, contributing to the dissemination of innovations in this field. As a company that accelerates and advances the transformation in the world of cryptocurrency, Evox Capital aims to continue making a significant impact in the future. Remaining true to its mission and adding value to the sector, Evox Capital will continue to be an essential resource, guide, and mentor for anyone looking to be part of the cryptocurrency space.


As Evox Capital, we have been actively providing consultancy to institutional stock exchanges and companies and managing their tokenization processes since 2017. We provide comprehensive services to bring individual and institutional investors together in the right projects and support young entrepreneurs.

New Business and Investment Opportunities:

To contribute to the opening of the projects of our Turkish and foreign investor friends to the world by providing benefits to Young Entrepreneurs and enabling small investors to reach quality projects.

Developing Blockchain Projects:

To bring together investors related to quality blockchain technology projects and to save time and money by using blockchain technology and to develop projects that produce continuous income.

Online and Offline Courses:

Informing people correctly about Defi, NFT, Stake, Swap and giving trainings. We have trained more than 2300 students on crypto and blockchain technologies in the last 4 years.

Low Cost Investments:

To enable investors to reach projects at more affordable prices. We plan your investments for every person and company, from the smallest to the largest.

Premium toolkits for Brands:

To support the projects of those who have Evox Capital NFT by organizing events that increase profitability continuously with blockchain software and innovative projects

Research & Data Analytics:

We do research and analyze hundred of blockchain and projects in order to find the good and trusted one to invest


Evox Capital's philosophy is built upon creating and realizing a vision. It sets itself apart from other entities through several key features:

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Focus on Corporate Companies

Providing consultancy services to corporate firms is one of the significant gaps in the market. Supporting them in tokenization and web3 initiatives is one of the solutions offered. This sets Evox Capital apart from other capitals as it concentrates on facilitating the integration of corporate companies into the cryptocurrency world. It helps traditional companies embrace new technologies while contributing to the growth of the crypto sector.

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Innovative and Evolutionary Approach

Evox Capital places a strong focus on adapting to the changes occurring in the cryptocurrency world. It continuously conducts research and analysis to lead industry developments and anticipate future opportunities.

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Emphasis on Informing and Educating

Evox Capital strives to inform people about the cryptocurrency world and contribute to their education. By organizing educational sessions covering topics such as Airdrop, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, DeFi, Stake, Swap, NFT, it supports users in understanding the vast realm of the crypto sector and making informed decisions. This is another key feature that makes Evox Capital stand out as a resource and guide in the cryptocurrency world.


The company's innovative approach, focus on corporate companies,importance given to informing and educating, and global impact make Evox Capital a prominent player in the cryptocurrency sector.

Algo Trade

Opening the Door to Automated and Profitable Trades with Algo Trade

Evox Capital is also a company that stands out with its close monitoring of emerging technologies, particularly through Algo Trade (Algorithmic Trading). Through professional partnerships in this field, it enables automatic trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Evox Capital's Algo Trade service offers its community profitable trading opportunities with its own developed bots that run on optimized settings. Evox Capital's AlgoTrade bots are programmed with sophisticated algorithms and continuously analyze the markets. Based on data, they execute buy and sell orders, providing the potential for automatic profit generation without the need for manual intervention.

Evox Capital continues to focus on industry innovations in line with its vision. Algorithmic trading offers a significant advantage in the rapidly evolving and complex cryptocurrency market. Automated systems continuously monitor the markets and execute trades without missing opportunities. They minimize the errors that can arise from human factors and base trading decisions on a non-emotional approach. Additionally, the ability to execute trades swiftly allows for capitalizing on sudden market movements.




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